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      Inspired by our cult favorite adhesive, Luna Black Adhesive - We created a slower drying version, with all of the same perks, to accommodate our baby lash artists. Neo is THE perfect adhesive when you need a forgiving time frame to wrap that fan without forgoing the retention. Whatever the situation is, NEO got you covered!

      * Ideal for Classic, Hybrid, and Volume applications *


      • Color: Black

      • Oil proof/ Waterproof

      • Drying Time: 2 - 2.5 sec

      • Retention: 6 - 8 weeks

      • Fumes: Low - None

      • Ideal Humidity Range: 30% - 70% 
        (Work in humidity of 40%-55% for the ideal drying speed of 2 - 2.5 sec)

      • Ideal Temperature Range: 65F - 83F
        (Work in temperature 70F-77F for the ideal drying speed of 2 - 2.5 sec)

      • Shelf Life after opened: UP to 3 months
        (Depending on how often you use the adhesive)

      • Net Weight: 10 ML


      Made in Korea/ MSDS Available

      How to Use:

      Please shake the adhesive from side to side (Not up and down) for at least 1 minute. Use the pin to poke a hole on top of the nozzle to disperse a drop. (We recommend using it with our disposable glue trays)
      Wipe any excess glue using a lint free wipe to prevent clogging of the nozzle and tighten the cap. 

      How to Store:

      It is recommended to store your adhesive in an airtight bag/container with a silica packet to draw out moisture from the glue (moisture causes the glue to dry up). Avoid leaving your glue in hot weather or in direct sunlight, this can spoil the adhesive causing it to be stringy.

      Discard the bottle when the glue drop comes out stringy.

      *Remember to date your glue bottle so you can know when to repurchase the next bottle.*

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      MY NEW FAV

      I love this adhesive, it's come through for me on a hot and humid day and a dry and cold day too. This adhesive and the other adhesives Hailash Society offers has an amazing range of humidity and temp for the glue and i appreciate that so much! This is my favorite glue so far for wrapping! 100% recommend this glue.


      This glue was a GAME CHANGER for me. When I started lashing I thought my ability for wrapping and retention was super mediocre and subpar. It turns out that I just needed the right adhesive. The NEO adhesive is amazing. It has the great consistency of Luna black adhesive, but gives you plenty of time to visually see fans wrap around the NL and cure. It slows down the fanning/wrapping process so that you can focus on wrapping well vs. being frantic about the glue curing to quickly.

      I cannot recommend this adhesive enough! It's amazing <3

Neo - Beginner Black Adhesive

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