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      Named after Sailor Moon's black guardian cat. 
      Luna is your trusty sidekick and is also a cult favorite! This adhesive is perfect for any advanced lash artist who likes a quick drying adhesive for volume/mega volume. If this glue could speak, it would tell you not to worry about low humidity during the winter season as it still dries very fast! 

      Ideal for Volume and Mega Volume applications; might be too fast drying for Classic application. 


      • Color: Black

      • Oil proof/ Waterproof

      • Drying Time: 0.5 - 1 sec

      • Retention: 6 - 8 weeks

      • Fumes: Low - None

      • Ideal Humidity Range: 30% - 70% 
        (Work in humidity of 40%-55% for the ideal drying speed of 0.5 sec)

      • Ideal Temperature Range: 65F - 83F
        (Work in temperature 70F-77F for the ideal drying speed of 0.5 sec)

      • Shelf Life after opened: UP to 3 months
        (Depending on how often you use the adhesive)

      • Net Weight: 10 ML


      Made in Korea/ MSDS Available

      How to Use:

      Please shake the adhesive from side to side (Not up and down) for at least 1 minute. Use the pin to poke a hole on top of the nozzle to disperse a drop. (We recommend using it with our disposable glue trays)
      Wipe any excess glue using a lint free wipe to prevent clogging of the nozzle and tighten the cap. 

      How to Store:

      It is recommended to store your adhesive in an airtight bag/container with a silica packet to draw out moisture from the glue (moisture causes the glue to dry up). Avoid leaving your glue in hot weather or in direct sunlight, this can spoil the adhesive causing it to be stringy.

      Discard the bottle when the glue drop comes out stringy.

      *Remember to date your glue bottle so you can know when to repurchase the next bottle.*


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      Based on 11 reviews
      My holy grail!

      Once you try this adhesive, you will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. This is a quick drying, low fume adhesive that has a very long shelf life! I have even tested it myself and retention & consistency did not change even after 3 months from opening. This adhesive is also tolerable to a wider range of humidity and temperature than most adhesives on the market, so it’s great for artist who do house calls or even when the climate in your area is not consistent throughout the year. Lastly, this adhesive is BLACK. All my clients noticed the switch without me telling them because their lash line looked so much darker. I have already gone through a dozen of these and the quality never disappoints and stays consistent. I’m in love with [****]!

      Wanda Math

      I can honestly say that I am in love! I literally save so much time during my sets with the drying time and my clients return for their fills with amazing retention! The consistency is just *chefs kiss*! I think I found my new holy grail <3


      Okay I’ve been using this glue now for a few weeks and let me tell you … I LOVE IT! As soon as I dip my fan into the glue and attach to my clients’ natural lashes, it sticks and holds on tight! This is what I’ve been looking for! It doesn’t make my clients’ eyes teary either which is great!

      Karen A
      I SWEAR by this glue! Best lash adhesive I've ever used.

      Ever since I switched to this glue for my clients, I've had nothing but the best retention with it. Even my clients ask me what glue I've been using on them because they've noticed their lashes would stay on for so long as well! (4+ week retention!). This glue also does not irritate & make my clients eyes tear when they open them compared to the glues I used in the past. Safe to say, I will not be switching to any other adhesive as this one has been the most reliable with dry time as well. Definitely one of my holy grail lash products!

      best adhesive everrr

      this glue is so good that ive had other clients who are LASH TECHS ask me what glue im using!!! ive had multiple clients whove had a lot of lashes passed even 3 weeks to a month which is crazy!! i love this glue sm

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Luna Black Adhesive

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