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      Long gone are the days of buffing out adhesive stuck on your tweezers.

      Our unique blend of ingredients will not only remove the crusty glue in less than 1 minute, but it will preserve the integrity of your tweezer's grip. It is also gentle enough to be used on your nails without dulling your polish!


      + No strong acetone scent

      + Essence is added to lower the fumes

      + Clean in less than 60 secs

      Please keep the inner lid on to avoid the solution from drying out.

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      Gentle yet effective!

      The packaging makes sense with this one! Because the glue remover must be strong, you definitely want to avoid spillage and damaging your work space. Inside there is a tight lid which I would recommend keeping it on whenever you are not using it. You can use this during a service in case you get adhesive on your tweezers. I use this before sanitizing my tweezers to ensure the best grip for the next service! Plus my secret method - I use this to remove adhesive from my gel manicures and it's so gentle yet effective!

      I love this solution but be careful with it chipping the paint on your tweezers

      This gets the job done of removing glue off your tweezers BUT I did experience the paint coming off some of my tweezers. SO the description is correct, you do not need to put tweezers in for more than 60 seconds or risk your paint melting off.

      Karen A.
      An essential for cleaning tweezers!

      I loveeee using this when lash glue or any other debris is super hard to take off my tweezers. Just soak your tweezers into the solution and pinch the sponge in the bottle to help remove any glue residue and your tweezers ready for use! This also doesn't ruin my tweezers :)

      Tammy Huynh
      no more sticky tweesers

      such a great product if you get glue on your tweezers! simply dip it in the solution, open and close your tweezers a few times and you’re good to go!


      this stuff is amazing, won’t ruin your tweezers!!!

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Glue Remover - for tweezers

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