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      The Chiffon Silk Collection from HLS

      We created this collection with lash artists in mind, meet one of the most FAN-able and softest lashes on the market. The fibers are matte with a light sheen and utterly luxurious, similar to the actual Chiffon Silk fabric. 

      + 16 lines of lashes for your creative usage

      + black with no blue hue

      + No high shine, just a light sheen.

      + Each lash line is labeled with the correct curl and diameter

      + Foil back for clean and easy removal. 

      + Can be used for OTS, pinching, rolling, shimmying.

      + Korean PBT Fiber

      MIX TRAY Lines: (2) 9mm, (2) 10mm, (3) 11mm, (3) 12mm, (2) 13mm, (2) 14mm, (2) 15mm

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    Curl | CC

    Length | MIX 9-15MM

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