Bondmi- Maximize lash retention

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  • Product Description

      The FIRST alcohol-free Superbonder, made to lower eye irritation after applying lashes and to increase retention up to 30% better. Our primary ingredients are made to cure lash adhesive from the outside in, making the glue more flexible, and less brittle against wear and tear.

      Since our bonder does not contain any form of alcohol, the curing process will take at least 3 hours before you can get your extensions wet, and a full 24 hours to completely cure. Slower curing process = more flexible lash glue

      Do not put Bondmi inside a nanomister, the product is ONLY meant to be applied directly onto the base of the extensions. We specifically chose a lip gloss packaging to ensure that Bondmi is used as it is intended. 

      + Works with any adhesive on the market +

      + Made in Korea +

      + Alcohol-free +

      + No more dry, itchy lash line + 

      + Improves retention up to 30% + 

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